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What we offer

Aligned Connections

We connect charities and non profits through our technology and in-person services to Individuals, CSR teams, Wealth Advisors and Grantmakers based on values and priority alignment.

Longer Term Funding

Use our matchmaking platform to give your existing funders more insights, and attract our community of aligned funders to your high impact projects.

Impact Projection

Both at an organisation and project level, we provide impact frameworks and consulting to help you understand your work better, and communicate with your funders and stakeholders.

Reporting & Best Practice

Receive insights from our global community and use our expertise to help you refine and improve your Theory of Change.

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Our tech solution serves modular and end-to-end objectives of Charities & Non Profits and their flow of activities.


Our intuitive dashboards deliver a best in class fundraising experience.


Connect and build relationships with funders and intermediaries who are interested in your cause.


Automatic matching and smart algorithms bring speed and alignment to building relationships.


Our technology and services are delivered by professionals with years of experience in the philanthropy sector.