Frequently Asked Questions

Maanch is transforming philanthropy as the first online platform to enable effective funding and receiving through automated impact measurement based on UN SDG metrics.

Our strong algorithmic base provides a global measurement and matchmaking tool. We facilitate funding between Funders and Receivers and automate impact measurement to encourage intelligent grant-making, effective communication and diligent performance.


M INVEST solutions enable forward thinking organisations to make impact-inclusive decisions. Asset managers and their clients can see the impact of their portfolios, actively engage with investee companies and allocate capital to the investments with the greatest impact. Companies can identify and visualise the impact they are having across their operations.

M INVEST is for Companies, Startups, Investors, Advisors and Wealth Managers.

M INVEST solution consists of Dashboards, an Overview panel, an Impact panel and an Engagement Panel. Learn more


M GIVE solutions serve the stakeholders of the philanthropy ecosystem by enabling operational efficiencies, cutting down the cost of fundraising and impact measurement activities, and thereby increasing the impact of every donation. Our open platform enables effective funding and receiving through automated impact measurement based on UN SDG metrics.

M GIVE is for Charities, Nonprofits, Philanthropists, Institutional Funders, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and Foundations.

M GIVE solution consists of Dashboards, an Impact Panel, a Due Diligence Panel and an Operations Panel. Learn more

Maanch is a matchmaking platform and our algorithms automatically connect Receivers’ projects with our community of Funders.

Funders can search by topics, geographies and SDGs, and Receiver projects are prioritised according to alignment with the criteria of the Funder.

Funders can shortlist and compare projects, see all the project details and projected impact information they require, and fund their selected projects.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030. To find out more about on specific Goals and the issues they are addressing click here.

Historically, charities and not-for-profits apply different measures for success to their projects. We believe that the UN SDGs provide the most holistic and universal framework for measuring impact. By focusing on the SDGs we are also encouraging Receivers and Funders to quantify and report their impact against a global measure for success.

The platform produces three auto-generated impact reports (Maanch Metrics), for each project uploaded as well as an overall impact profile for the organisation. The reports are:

— SDG Profile: For each project, we ask Receivers to input detailed information on the Topics their work addresses, and the specific actions the organisation will take to implement it. From these inputs, we generate a bespoke SDG profile.

— Five Pillars Graph: This graph is generated using our algorithms, which compute how the Topics, SDGs and Pillars are linked. We display an aggregated global graph, and a graph relating to the geography of the project, demonstrating which pillars the individual project is achieving, and to what extent. The graph also highlights the wider global impact of the project.

— Needs Intensity Score: This calculation shows the intensity of need in the geography of the project, in relation to the topics that the project is addressing. We look across national and global needs for improvement. The higher the score, the greater the need.

For more information on the metrics we use to generate our impact reports click here.

The individual SDGs link to the wider global development pillars which are: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. They strongly emphasise the interdependence of the goals and targets and the need to implement them.

For more information on the Five Pillars see here.

Maanch has an API interface with the Charity Commission for England & Wales, and also cross checks organisations from Scotland and Ireland through their publicly available Commission databases. We ensure that on registration organisations do not have any open investigations by the regulator, nor have they filed their accounts late.

Each project is manually assessed by our team before being published on our website against both content criteria and available information about the organisation online. Unless and until a project passes our due diligence criteria, it is not published for funding on our platform.

Before any organisation can publish projects on Maanch, our payment provider STRIPE carries out all necessary AML and KYC checks to ensure that the financial information provided by charities are legitimate.

Registration for charities is free and easy, and we welcome UK Registered charities to sign up. Please refer any registered charity to our onboarding page to get them started. For organisations with further questions on our services, please direct them to our Contact Us form.

Maanch offers unique insight on global charity projects in need of funding. Unlike other platforms, we apply one singular impact assessment and aggregation process to all projects on Maanch, meaning that funders get a new level of transparency and understanding of the impact of their money.

Maanch™ is an impact-platform for philanthropy, impact investors and corporates. We are a certified BCorp and take a stakeholder centric approach to all our activities.

We do not directly charge funders or receivers any fees for transactions on the platform and do not apply any account set up fees or monthly charges. Third-party payment processing fees, and VAT are charged where applicable.

To enquire about pricing for our M INVEST and M GIVE solutions, please contact us.

My Donations with Maanch

For UK registered taxpayers, Maanch can apply Gift Aid to donations where a Maanch Receiver has agreed with HMRC that Maanch can claim Gift Aid on their behalf. Projects where Gift Aid can be applied will have a Gift Aid tag at the top of their pages.

Anyone can make a donation through Maanch. You are able to find and fund projects without creating an account first, and are able to make transactions through the platform as a guest. However, making a transaction without creating an account will mean that you will not be able to see our reports on supported projects and consolidated impact projections.

All donations made through Maanch to charity projects are irrevocable and we cannot refund a donation without express consent from the Charity you have donated to. If you would like your donation refunded, please contact the charity to get their consent, and instruct them to get in touch with to initiate the refund process.

All funders through Maanch receive email receipts for donations made through the platform. Please make sure the email address you enter is correct so that you receive your e-receipt and confirmation. In addition, check your spam, as our message may be blocked by some filters.

As standard, charities receive access to your name, donation amount, date and time of donation, and whether your gift is eligible for Gift Aid. During the transaction process, there is a tick box to make your donation anonymously. For anonymous donations, Receivers will not see the name associated with the gift. They will still see amount, date, time, and gift aid eligibility. Look out for the tick box below where you enter your card details when making a donation!

We use STRIPE as our payment provider. They process payments and remit all donations made on a monthly basis to the charities our funders support. Each donation is allocated to a project so that charities know exactly where each gift should be allocated.

My Account

Registering for a Funder account with Maanch gives you access to consolidated reporting about your giving. As an account holder, you can see what your impact footprint looks like across the projects you have funded, and download receipts and statements.

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the login page, enter your email address and click on ‘Forgotten your password?’, we’ll send you an email with a prompt to reset it. If you’re not receiving our emails, check your junk or spam folders, as well as adding to your safe sender list.

If you would like to change the email address associated with your account, we need to receive a written email instruction from the current address associated with your account. Please email with your request.

Please log in to your Maanch Account and enter the Account Settings section from the sidebar menu. There you will be able to amend your name and address details. If you have any problems completing this task, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please log in to your Maanch Account and enter the Account Settings section from the sidebar menu. There you will be able to amend the image associated with your account details. If you have any problems completing this task, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please log in to your Maanch Account and enter the Account Settings section from the sidebar menu. On this page, there is a section entitled “Communication Settings”. There you will be able to select the types of emails you receive from us.

Please log in to your Maanch Account and enter the Account Settings section from the sidebar menu. Near the bottom of this page, there is a statement: “to delete your account, click here”. You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to delete your Maanch account, as your data will be deleted and cannot be restored. This will send a notification to our team, who will remove your information from our databases within 72 hours.

To register with Maanch and start onboarding please sign up here.

Our platform currently facilitates funding to UK registered Charities. Other platform features such as Impact Projection are available to all Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Businesses.

Our Open Platform is targeted at donors who are interested in transparency and understanding the impact of projects. They tend to give “retail” amounts of funding. However, joining Maanch means your projects are added to our database across all our product lines, so when we launch with a new Wealth Advisor, Grant Making Foundation or CSR Team, your projects will be visible to all our stakeholders.

Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Businesses based outside the UK are able to register on the platform and start building their profile and projects. Once registered, you will be able to see our auto-generated impact metrics and reports on a project and organisational level.

Currently, we are only able to fund registered UK charities, however we are expanding our international capabilities very soon. We encourage you to sign up to enable us to prioritise your geography for access to fundraising.

For eligible projects run by UK registered charities, funded by eligible UK taxpayers, we are able to claim Gift Aid on your behalf from HMRC.

  • For registered charities in England & Wales, the platform automatically populates information available from the Charity Commission and Companies House respectively once you submit your registration number.
  • For Scottish and Northern Irish registered charities, you will be able to receive funds, but you will have to enter your registration number and organisation details manually at this stage.

For your profile, you will need to provide your organisational logo and relevant images related to your project which will be displayed to Funders once the project is live.

Our project creation comprises of four steps. It’s very intuitive, however it does require you to have information to hand to complete the process. You can save your project as a draft at any time and come back to it, but to complete the process you will need:

  • Project Information
  • Impact Indicators (these are multiple choice selections provided by Maanch)
  • Financial Information

We use your information to generate your project profile and various illustrations of the impact of your project.

The publicly visible project page will include components of three out of the four sections of our project creation process. We do not show how you responded to our Success Indicators to the public.

We will make payments of funds due to you on a monthly basis by Stripe Connect payout which will take up to 3 working days to clear. Payments of Gift Aid received on your behalf will also be paid by Stripe Connect payout, however, the first payment is subject to HMRC confirmation which will be at least 20 working days from our submission. Thereafter Gift Aid payments will be paid in the monthly Stripe Connect Payouts subject to the varying authorisation timelines from HMRC.