Frequently Asked Questions

Maanch is transforming philanthropy as the first online platform to enable effective funding and receiving through automated impact measurement based on UN SDG metrics.

Our strong algorithmic base provides a global measurement and matchmaking tool. We facilitate funding between Funders and Receivers and automate impact measurement to encourage intelligent grant-making, effective communication and diligent performance.

Maanch is a matchmaking platform and our algorithms automatically connect Receivers’ projects with our community of Funders.

Funders can pre-select interests, geographies and SDGs, and Receiver projects are prioritised according to alignment with the criteria of the Funder.

Funders can shortlist and compare projects, see all the project details and projected impact information they require, and Fund their selected projects.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it ís important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030. To find out more about on specific Goals and the issues they are addressing click here.

Historically, charities and not-for-profits apply different measures for success to their projects. We believe that the UN SDGs provide the most holistic and universal framework for measuring impact. By focusing on the SDGs we are also encouraging Receivers and Funders to quantify and report their impact against a global yardstick.

The platform produces three auto-generated impact reports (Maanch Metrics), for each project uploaded as well as an overall impact profile for the organisation. The reports are:

— SDG Profile: For each project, we ask Receivers to input detailed information on the Topics their work addresses. From these topics, we generate a bespoke SDG profile.

— Five Pillars Graph: This graph is generated using our algorithms, which compute how the Topics, SDGs and Pillars are linked. We display an aggregated global graph, and a graph relating to the geography of the project, demonstrating which pillars the individual project is achieving, and to what extent. The graph also highlights the wider global impact of the project.

— Impact Score: Our impact score is a computation of the intensity of need in the geography of the project, in relation to the topics that the project is addressing. The higher the score, the greater the need in the geography.

For more information on the metrics we use to generate our impact reports click here.

The individual SDGs link to the wider global development pillars which are: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. They strongly emphasise the interdependence of the goals and targets and the need to implement them in an united and coordinated way.

For more information on the Five Pillars see here.

Because we believe our technology can be applied to all transactions and not just donations, Maanch the tech company is a for-profit business, which is in the process of completing a full B Corp assessment to cement its commitment to social good and stakeholder orientation.

In order to achieve our long term vision and mission, we created Maanch as a sustainable platform. We charge a 5% service fee to continue the development and growth of our market offering and global exposure.

Our service fee is only charged on successful funding of projects, proving the need and effectiveness of our product for Funders and Receivers. This fee is built on top of the project funding needed, meaning that 100% of requested funds will go to the project.

We don’t apply any account set up fees or monthly charges.

Our service fee includes 24/7 support, all third-party processing fees, and VAT where applicable.

We are in the process of building the Funder dashboard and interface for Funders to use Maanch. If you would like to get pre-launch access to the platform, register here.

To register with Maanch and start onboarding please sign up here.

We work with Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Businesses committed to transparency, accountability and high impact performance. We are currently able to facilitate funding to UK registered charities and organisations only.

Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Businesses based outside the UK are able to register on the platform and start building their profile and projects. Once registered, you will be able to see our auto-generated impact metrics and reports on a project and organisational level.

Currently, we are only able to fund registered UK charities and organisations, however we are expanding our international capabilities very soon. We encourage you to sign up to enable us to prioritise your geography for access to fundraising.

For eligible projects run by UK registered charities, funded by eligible UK taxpayers, we are able to claim Gift Aid on your behalf from HMRC. For more information please contact us.

  • For UK registered entities, the platform automatically populates information available from the Charity Commission and Companies House respectively once you submit your registration number. You can build out additional details to increase your profile strength which is visible to Funders.
  • Your organisational logo and relevant images related to your project which will be displayed to Funders once the project is live.

Our project creation comprises of four steps. It’s very intuitive, however it does require you to have information to hand to complete the process. You can save your project as a draft at any time and come back to it, but to complete the process you will need:

  • Project Information
  • Financial Information
  • Impact Indicators (these are multiple choice selections provided by Maanch)
  • Success Indicators (these are multiple choice selections provided by Maanch)

We use your information to generate your project profile and various illustrations of the impact of your project.

The publicly visible project page will include components of three out of the four sections of our project creation process. We do not show how you responded to our Success Indicators to the public.

You will receive funds on a rolling basis for your project. We also allow our funders to set certain parameters around their pledges to certain projects. As a rule, we remit funds weekly so that organisations receive funds for their project in a way that is manageable.