Maanch™ is unifying the Impact Ecosystem
Intelligence - Dashboards - Networks

We create solutions to understand and communicate your impact.

We work with ambitious and forward thinking organisations.
We accelerate impact towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - the world’s to do list.
We create more impact per investment by unifying efforts that align with the SDGs.
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Impact Solutions

Achieve more impact per investment with our suite of impact solutions.
Envision - Co-create - Activate

Consult on your impact strategy to attract talent, customers and investment.

Due Diligence - Engage - Report - Aggregate

Easily track and share your impact on global metrics, all in one place.

Learn - Collaborate - Partner

Accelerate your impact progress by linking and learning from experts in the ecosystem.


Bespoke impact-tech solutions to achieve more impact per investment.
M-Invest Laptop
For Investors

Easily track the impact of your investments

Seamlessly analyse the net impact of your investment portfolio with Maanch™ Investor Dashboard.

For businesses

Maximise the net impact of your business

Set your unique impact goals and achieve net societal impact with Maanch™ Analytics.


Accelerate your impact journey with automated measurement, tracking and reporting.
M-Give Laptop
For funders

Monitor the impact of your funding

Accelerate your impact journey - set your impact targets and track the total impact of the projects and organisations you fund.

For charities & social enterprises

Focus on impact - let us do the rest

One-stop-solution to demonstrate due-diligence and the impact of your work to potential funders and stakeholders.


Maanch helps investors and donors to allocate capital towards achieving the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), visualising portfolio impact through data, intelligence and dashboards, while also allowing companies to identify and visualise the impact they are having across their operations.

— Financial Times, Professional Wealth Management

Platforms like Maanch can enable us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and scale solutions that make a positive difference.

— UN SDG Frontier, Finance Summit

Maanch is an example of how powerful technology can be used for service of mankind.

— Rohit Pothukuchi, Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30

With Maanch we can now focus on achieving our charitable objective, rather than spending inordinate time on fundraising.

— Leslee Udwin, Founder Think Equal

I am confident that the Maanch platform has the potential to help in addressing sustainable development, so as to ensure more resilient communities!

— H.E Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Former President of Malta

Maanch is a beacon of collaborative good behaviour connected with the implementation of the SDGs.

— Edward Hoare

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