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Building deeper relationships with clients through opening conversations on values and philanthropy

What we offer

Revolutionising KYC

Know your customers values, priorities, and the world they wish to see, alongside traditional KYC activities.

Premium Platform Access

Use premium features of our platform and impress your clients by providing them access to a diverse range of high impact projects aligned to their values.

Tracking Impact

Give your clients an overview of their giving activities, including transactions, projects, and areas of impact, reflecting how their giving contributes positively to societal and environmental change.

Consolidated Reporting

Our reporting makes it easy for you to share with your clients the performance of their impact portfolio alongside industry trends and insights.

Maanch in action

Client Profiles
Admin Dashboard
Filter & Search Projects
Recommend Projects
Impact Metrics
Consolidated Reports


Our tech solution serves modular and end-to-end objectives of Wealth Advisors & Family Offices and their flow of activities.


Our intuitive dashboards deliver a best in class experience for you and your clients.


Connect and build relationships with your clients, and the causes they wish to support.


automatic matching and smart algorithms back your advice with the latest tech.


Our technology and services are delivered by professionals with years of experience in the philanthropy sector.