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Bringing a global impact lens to your giving

What we offer

Through our technologies and in-person services, we help individuals and families

Efficient Giving

Fund high impact projects, make donations easily and quickly through our platform, or speak to our team to make larger, longer term commitments to non-profits we support. Have an overview of your giving legacy by causes, amount and alignment with values.

Impact Insights

Get insights and understand impact through a visual and intuitive dashboard. See how your giving contributes to achieving the UN SDGs. 

Instant Matching

Our algorithms match you with causes aligned to your values and preferences. Search, filter and preview a diverse range of projects by UK-registered organisations with local and global impact, enabling you to identify and fund projects that best fit your giving priorities. 

Global Community

Amplify your giving experience by engaging with a global community that shares your values. Access our resources, insights, events, and our exclusive learning journeys and deepen your relationships with the people and organisations you care about. 

Maanch in action

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Our tech solution serves modular and end-to-end objectives of Individuals & Families and their flow of activities.


Our intuitive dashboards deliver a best in class giving experience.


Connect and build relationships with projects and causes you care about.


Automatic matching and smart algorithms bring speed and alignment to your impact footprint.


Our technology and services are delivered by professionals with years of experience in the philanthropy sector.