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Making your grantmaking faster, more efficient
and transparent

What we offer


We ensure your organisation is primed to succeed. Use our qualified coaches to assess where you are and how to maximise your impact. Develop a strategy with our team and your stakeholders to ensure you can efficiently deliver on your aims.


Our technology is customisable to your Theory of Change and KPI structure. We have built matchmaking algorithms that ensure your applications are screened and shortlisted automatically by your eligibility criteria.


Consolidate all the inputs and updates on the progress of your funded projects through our dashboard, so you and your stakeholders have a live view of the status, success, and changes on the ground.


Measure and evaluate the impact of your funded projects, analyse key successes and learnings, and use this as a tool to further refine your methodology in future.

Maanch in action

Filter & Search
RFP Processing
Automatic Shortlisting
Impact Metrics
Due Diligence
Project Monitoring
Consolidated Reporting


Our tech solution serves modular and end-to-end objectives of Grant Making Foundations and their flow of activities.


Our intuitive dashboards deliver a best in class giving experience for all stakeholders.


Connect and build relationships with projects and causes you care about.


Automatic matching and smart algorithms bring speed and alignment to your impact footprint.


Our technology and services are delivered by professionals with years of experience in the philanthropy sector.