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Maximise the Net Impact of your Business and Investments

What we offer

(M) Invest Strategy

Expert team to understand your business and co-create your bespoke Impact Strategy.

Impact Dashboard

One-click overview of the Net Societal Impact of all your business activities for reporting and decision making.

Impact measurement and benchmarking

Get aggregated insights and impact reports on your fund performance, in alignment with UN SDGs.

Due diligence & company data validation

Ready access to all investee companies’ financial and ESG Scores.

SDG Alignment

Automatic alignment with UN SDG through 50+ metrics for benchmarking against global impact standards.

Company engagement & reporting

Keep track of your investee companies' performances by setting specific targets and objectives and engage with the companies in real time.

Maanch in action

Strategy insights
Stakeholder engagement
Project shortlisting
Due Diligence
Impact dashboard
Monitoring & Evaluation


Easily track the holistic impact of your business activities and investments.


Our intuitive dashboards deliver a best in class user experience for all stakeholders.


Build intelligence on and relationships with your stakeholders to co-create mutually beneficial strategies.


Automatic matching and smart algorithms bring speed and alignment to your impact footprint.


Our technology and services are delivered by professionals with years of experience in the philanthropy sector.